About Pointguard

Pointguard is an innovative company that focuses on developing, marketing and distributing illuminated signs and accessories for commercial vehicles. Roof signs and mobile camera surveillance systems for taxi are Pointguards major product lines. Our products are today dominating on the taxi´s in Scandinavia and many of the leading taxi companies have chosen Pointguard as supplier such as Taxi Stockholm, Norway Taxi and Taxi Kurir.

Growing sales to Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia and an increasing number of requests from other European countries show that our products are very competitive in comparison to other suppliers in Europe.

Pointguard has over the years developed a range of products for other commercial vehicles in need of customized solutions. As early as in 1976 we worked together with the Swedish road administration to develop a roof sign for vehicles transporting school children. Driving schools, security companies, advertising agencies and courier services etc are other companies that have requested customized roof signs for their business.

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