If you read Pointguard's business concept, you can find the following wording " Pointguard shall offer a product range with quality, flexibility and innovation in focus and we shall be able to offer a wide selection of roof signs and accessories that can attract different customers.

For Pointguard the definition of the concept of quality is to continuously make efforts to improve our customers confidence and satisfaction, all to get such a high customer satisfaction as possible. We believe that the basic condition to deliver this to our customers is a combination of small size organization with short decision making and a strong personal commitment and narrow customer focus.

Innovation has always been one of Pointguards key competitive advantages and for us this is about the willingness to change, innovate and constantly challenge ourselves and our products to new technicalplatforms, modern design and other solution that gives our products added values. With a narrow customer focus we hope to be more responsive to our customer needs and therefore also provide products and services with a higher degree of innovation and satisfaction than our competitors.

Flexibility symbolizes the Pointguards ability to adapt the company and its products according to the terms and conditions that apply to both us and our customers. More specifically this is about our ability to deliver and introduce flexible solutions and fixings when it comes to installation and usage of our products.

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