Cars Taxi orders Pointguard smart roof signs for the Abu Dhabi fleet

Cars Taxi Services Co. LLC has one of the largest taxi fleets in the United Arab Emirates with more than 5000 taxis across UAE and GCC. The company was first among the taxi companies in Abu Dhabi to use low-emission hybrid cars and is now also the first AD Silver taxi company to step into the digital era by equipping its complete Abu Dhabi taxi fleet with smart iToplight roof signs from Pointguard.

The iToplight D-500 will enable the taxis from Cars Taxi to show their status in both Arabic and English and they will also show the clients' unique booking numbers. This is all done fully automatic without any involvement from the drivers, thanks to the full integration with the dispatch system from CERT Telematics.

"The Airport Taxi and Smart Taxi fleets in Abu Dhabi have already been using the iToplight D-500 for some years and now we are happy to welcome Cars Taxi as the first of the Abu Dhabi Silver Taxi fleets to use smart taxi signs." Pointguard's CEO Jesper Flygt says in a comment.

Read more about the iToplight D-500 and Pointguard's other smart taxi signs at:

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