iFleetcam - Best taxi camera solution around?

Most of you know by now that at Pointguard we are devoted to making some of the smartest and best-looking taxi roof signs to be found. To say it in another way: we live and breathe taxi roof signs. But did you know that we also offer one of the best vehicle camera systems to our customers in the taxi business?

We are now introducing the iFleetcam vehicle camera system: a well-tested, robust hardware with many new features added such as cloud-connectivity, automated backup, remote access to footage, vehicle tracking, driver behavior analysis, remote monitoring/checkups, remote configuration and more. In other words: everything you can ask for from a modern taxi camera system. The standard taxi version supports up to four cameras so you can have both inward facing security cameras and dash-cameras at the same time.

Radio Sweden recently reported that the increased use of security cameras is one of the main reasons behind the reduced occurrence of assault and robbery against taxi drivers in Sweden (link, Swedish).

Read more about the new iFleetcam system here: www.ifleetcam.com (or Swedish taxi customers here: www.taxikamera.se). To order or to get a quote for a larger number of units send an e-mail to sales@pointguard.se or give us a call at +4618512020.

pointguard ifleetcam taxi camera system

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