iToplight D-100 now on unique tricycle taxi in Australia

Pointguard's iToplight D-100 have now found their way to the other side of the Globe! EcoCaddy is a new transportation service in Adelaide, Australia that uses passenger tricycles (Treecycles) to give passengers an eco-friendly and noise-free experience, truly a novel way of getting around town. The bamboo-bodied Treecycles are made of only the highest quality materials and have many innovative features like integrated solar panels and hybrid-electric drive.

This allows EcoCaddy to travel further, faster and cleaner than any service like it in the world. The hail and ride process will be augmented by their e-Hail APP, coupled with their well-trained local riders that will offer a customer-centric service that focuses on creating memorable and enjoyable journeys for their users.

Pointguard are big fans of eco-friendly, innovative projects and we are very proud that our iToplight D-100 is now part of the EcoCaddy concept. We wish EcoCaddy and their founder Daniels Langeberg the best luck with the project and promise to come back with more information later on. 

Read more about EcoCaddy and Treecycles here or follow them on Facebook.

Pointguard's iToplight D-100 are now on eco-friendly Treecycles in Adelaide 

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