Meet Pointguard at Persontrafik public transport trade fair 2014

Meet Pointguard at Persontrafik public transport trade fair, Stand C 08:50, in Stockholm during October 28-30.

This year Pointguard will be part of a larger taxi lounge at the fair, together with other leading suppliers to the Swedish taxi business. As a visitor you will get access to key persons, overview of the latest technical advancements, mingle, great experiences and entertainment.

Pointguard will of course show the latest within taxi signage, such as digital taxi roof signs (iToplights) and digital advertising signs, but also the latest version of our security camera and other exciting new products. As guests in our stand we will have representatives from Taxi Butler (NL). They will show how to easily get more rides to your taxi company without large investments.

Apart from Pointguard the following companies will also be part of the Taxi area at the fair:
FrogneHolmedalMegTaxNordic Auto ELSamportSepabTAXIidagTaxiPass

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