New 3D printer at Pointguard Labs

pointguard 3dprinter 300h

As many of you might already know Pointguard is a devoted partner when it comes to product development. We use an iterative development process that includes frequent rapid prototyping with techniques as SLA, SLS, 3D-printing, silicon molding, etc. This enables us and our clients to evaluate and improve the product already in the early development stages, which leads to shorter lead times and better products.

Now Pointguard Labs have been reinforced with a large scale 3D-printer. The new Wanhao Duplicator 5S Steel ExoFrame boasts a massive build volume of 305mm x 205mm x 575mm and prints with speeds up to 300 mm/s.

"With this new printer we can test new ideas directly and we are able to create components also for bigger prototypes ourselves.", says Kalle Flygt, head of product development at Pointguard. 


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