New business for Pointguard in the Middle East

New taxi roof sign business for Pointguard in the Middle East
Recently Emirates Transport decided to choose Pointguard's iToplight D-500 for their new taxi fleet in Abu Dhabi. The D-500 has already been on airport and smart taxis in Abu Dhabi for several years and after becoming the role model for the new regulations the Pointguard's D-500 is now also making its way onto the Silver taxis.

Since February Cars Taxi in Dubai are running a Total Taxi Solution that Pointguard has presented together with three Dutch partner companies (Cabman, TaxiID and TaxiButler). The solution offers all the state of the art hardware and software that you need to digitize your taxi fleet and maintain it in the most efficient manner. 

Government owned Mwasalat in Oman are introducing a new taxi fleet for which they need a modern taxi management system. Therefore over 20 contenders recently competed in a big tender to deliver the best taxi solution. The Total Taxi Solution mentioned above could offer the best technology and value for Mwasalat and won the tender against the extensive competition. 

The largest taxi company in Dubai (Dubai Taxi) has started a full integration with Pointguard's smart roof signs and is currently testing both the iToplight D-100 and D-200 models. 

"We are glad to have come this far and after having many iToplights out in Abu Dhabi for several years we know that they withstand the extreme UAE climate also in the long term. It feels great to let our smart roof signs be a part of the Smart city puzzle in Dubai" says Pointguard's CEO, Jesper Flygt in a comment.

Pointguard wants to make your taxi business smarter too! Contact us at or +4618 512020 to learn how.

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