Pointguard develops new roof signs for driving schools in Dubai

Pointguard will make new roof signs for Emirates Driving Institute in Dubai

Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) is the largest Driving Institute in the Middle East with over 1000 vehicles in its fleet. EDI has won several awards for its high standards and long felt that the company's roof sign didn't match the high quality education and overall profile. With Dubai World Expo 2020 coming up, EDI decided to get a new, more modern, LED-based roof sign that can also facilitate evening classes.

The prestigious assignment to make the new sign was awarded to Pointguard, knowing that the Swedish company delivers a combination of quality, modern technology and design of international standards that few can match. Pointguard now has developed a completely new roof sign with not only a fresh design, but also a design that reduces fuel consumption and with built-in LED-illumination that ensures high visibility both day and night. 

Read more about EDI at: http://www.edi-uae.com/ 

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