Pointguard exhibits at the UITP Taxi Conference in Qatar

Pointguard will be at the UITP Taxi Conference in Doha Qatar

The UITP Taxi Conference is the center meeting point for the Taxi industry of the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA). This time the exhibition and conference is held in city of Doha, Qatar and naturally Pointguard will be there, showcasing the smartest and most well designed taxi roof signs and top lights.

The taxi authorities of the United Arab Emirates know Pointguard's taxi roof signs for their quality and innovative functionality and Pointguard's digital roof lights are used on all Abu Dhabi Airport taxis. Have you also heard about Pointguard's new range of digital taxi roof signs, but never had the chance to see one in action? Come visit us at the UITP conference in Doha 25-27 November for a demonstration of the new iToplight taxi roof signs. In our both we also have representatives from Taxi Butler that will show you how to get more rides for your taxi company. Their taxi booking device lets you book a taxi with just one click and is perfect for hotels, restaurants and bars. 

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This UITP summit focuses especially on Safety and Security for transportation and Pointguard is thus also showcasing our latest mobile security camera for the transport industry: the TS2. The TS2 is very lightweight and with a discrete and sober design it fits nicely in all modern cars. It takes high quality color images even in low light conditions and can be triggered by a number of different events. The camera was designed with focus on reliability and all electronics are made in Germany.

pointguard camera ts2

Pointguard's latest security camera (TS2) is both lightweight, reliable and robust.

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