Pointguard has received a prestiguos order in Abu Dhabi

Pointguard has received a prestigious order from the road administration in Abu Dhabi, UAE (TransAD). Pointguard will supply Abu Dhabi's new, premium airport taxi with Pointguard's high end digital taxi roof sign, iToplight D-500. In a move to extensively raise services and prestige on par with international standards TransAD is introducing a fleet of new luxury cars to serve travellers to and from Abu Dhabi's international airport. TransAD's new airport fleet will comprise 200 luxury taxis, with Mercedes Vito models, equipped with only the most modern and high end facilities.

"We are proud to receive this prestigious order and to help TransAD provide the highest international standards of taxi service." says Jepser Flygt, CEO of Pointguard.





Pointguard's digital taxi roof sign, iToplight D-500, that will be used for Abu Dhabi's high end Airport taxi.

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