Pointguard makes new roof signs for Scandinavia's largest taxi company

On request from Cabonline Group the brand expert Hans Brindfors and Pointguard have developed a new taxi roof sign for Taxi Kurir, the largest taxi organization in Scandinavia, represented in more than 230 cities in Sweden, Norway (Norgestaxi) and Denmark (Dantaxi).  

The roof sign has an easily distinguishable, green LED-zone which is visible from all angles and communicates the taxi status. Similar "vacant-zones" were also used in the new roof signs of Cabonline Group's other taxi companies: Topcab and Taxi Skåne and they also share the same sober, black color. The new Taxi Kurir sign however has its own, unique design with contrasting illuminated zones using the brand colors white and blue. The sign is slightly elevated over the roof and with Pointguard's special magnet fixing it looks like it is almost flying on top of the roof. Doesn't it look great?!

The taxi roof sign is the perhaps most visible and efficient way to communicate your brand. Do you also want your brand to be highlighted by a unique, great looking roof sign? Contact Pointguard at info@pointguard.se or +4618512020 and we'll help you become outstanding!

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