Pointguard presented the Intelligent Roofsign Concept at Megtax User Group annual conference

Recently Pointguard demonstrated the advantages with digital taxi roof signs, presented the iToplight concept and looked into the future of taxi roof signage in front of many representatives of the Swedish taxi business at Megtax user group's yearly conference. For those that missed it, a very brief summary follows:

Recently the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine communication (M2M) have gained lots of publicity in the media. Smaller and cheaper chips/modules have made it easier to integrate intelligence into physical products and more and more smart, connected products are on the market. Pointguard has been working with intelligent taxi roof signs (iToplights) for several years now and can today offer four different iToplight models. More models are under development and the iToplights continuously gain more smart functions. An iToplight can either be integrated with the taxi management/dispatch/taxameter system for fully automated control, be controlled by hardware triggers (fully or partly) or be controlled by an app.

The interest for intelligent taxi roof signs is big around the world and in several international metropolises new Smart Taxi concepts are in the making, where digital roof lights are one of the fundamentals. Along with other intelligent equipment in the car the iToplights transform the taxis into high-tech vehicles that can serve both the customers and the society in completely new ways. Pointguard is, e.g, working on equipping the iToplights with sensors for collecting different types of environmental quality parameters. Air quality problems are prevalent in many large cities around the world and equipped with iToplights the taxi companies can become a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Among other product news that Pointguard presented on the conference was also the Taxi butler - a robust, mobile booking terminal that enables booking a taxi with just one click. It is the perfect solution for hotels, venues, etc, and we will come back to it soon...

jesper tallberg f webb
Pointguard's CEO Jesper Flygt in action, Steve Jobs style...








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