Pointguard provides Kockum Sonics with magnetic fixings for mobile alarm sound emitters

Pointguard has been chosen to provide Kockum Sonics (http://www.kockumsonics.com) with specially designed magnetic fixings for the mobile alarm sound emitter TYFONIC ET500. This unique omni directional sound emitter is used, e.g., for civil defense alarms, industrial alarms, chemical accidents and tsunami warnings. At such events it is critical to reach out fast and the alarm sound emitters thus must be very quickly mounted on the car roof. Pointguard's magnetic fixings are ideal for this purpose as they easily can be attached to the roof, provide high traction and can easily be removed again, without leaving any marks on the car.

Pointguards  magnetic fixings are very popular in the Taxi business, but this case is a nice example of how they can be useful also for other types of customers.

Pointguards magnetfästen på Kockum Sonics alarmhögtalare

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