Pointguard signs a major deal with Taxi Gothenburg

This year Taxi Gothenburg celebrates 90-year and the company therefore also decided to upgrade their taxi roof sign. Pointguard has been honorable selected to design and manufacture new taxi roof signs for the whole taxi fleet of Taxi Gothenburg. With this, Taxi Gothenburg will be the first taxi company in Sweden, and one of the first in Europe, with a digital taxi roof sign.

Compared to traditional taxi roof signs with static messages, a digital roof sign offers the possibility of delivering targeted messages adapted to the context and audience. This can be used for displaying the status of the taxi, for example On Call, Off Duty, Hired, etc, or to communicate other important information to the surroundings.

The sign will also be equipped with a new, integrated advertising sign. The design of the whole taxi sign is based on Taxi Gothenburg's well known profile and in combination with the unique front sign, the new roof sign will make sure that Taxi Gothenburg's taxi fleet will stand out from the rest, not only during the 90-year jubilee, but for many years to come.

"We are proud to cooperate with Taxi Gothenburg in this new and technically advanced project", says Jesper Flygt, Pointguard CEO.

Pointguard levererar unik takskylt till Taxi Göteborg

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