Profiling becomes ever so important when the Finnish taxi market deregulates

The Finnish taxi market is about to deregulate and for Finnish taxi companies profiling will become more important than ever. On a competitive market the branding of your taxi company is essential. Legendary marketing expert Hans Brindfors rightfully said: "The taxi roof sign is what makes people notice and remember a taxi company brand", and we couldn't agree more.

Together with our Finnish partner Titec Oy ( we have already started helping Finnish taxi companies stand out from the crowd with new taxi roof lights. We can help your company too! There are plenty of models in Pointguard's wide range of taxi roof lights that can be modified with your custom branding to help your taxi fleet look great. Based on your requirements and wishes we can also make a completely unique, custom roof light for your company.

No matter which of our roof signs you choose, you can be sure that it's made of high quality plastics, has durable low-energy led-lighting and that we can provide a fixing solution for any car model. 

Pointguard has more than 40 years' experience of making taxi roof signs and you won't find anyone anywhere with the same dedication and interest in taxi roof signs. Contact Pointguard today at and let us help you highlight your brand! 

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