Season's Greetings and a look back at Pointguard's 2018

Another exciting year has passed and before thanking our customers, suppliers and partners for a great year and wishing everyone Happy Holidays we just want to look back a bit at some of the things that happened here at Pointguard during 2018.

Pointguard was visited by Mr Abdullah Sultan Al Sabbagh, CEO of Cars Taxi GroupIncreasing international interest for smart taxi roof signs
Our smart taxi signs (the iToplight range) continue to gain more and more interest from around the world. During 2018 we got iToplight requests from 30+ nations and we have now shipped our first iToplight to the African continent. The year also came with some new business opportunities internationally, e.g. a large order of iToplight D-500s from Abu Dhabi, the first from a Silver taxis company. During the year we have been exhibiting at taxi fairs in Dubai and Cologne and have also had visitors from afar. First, we received a visit from Mr Abdullah Sultan Al Sabbagh, Chairman of UITP Taxi Platform and CEO of Cars Taxi Group that operates a fleet of more than 5000 taxis in the UAE and GCC. A few months later we got a visitor from the other side of the world when the CEO and Founder of Eco Caddy in Adelaide Australia, Daniels Langeberg, came to discuss implementation of more iToplight D-100s on his sustainable eco taxis.

Taking the iToplight concept further
We have been working hard with developing the iToplight products further, increasing the utility for our customers and introducing more innovative features. A new version of the iToplight board is now ready that supports full color and has higher resolution, which not only allows customers to show text in any color, but also logos and advertisements. With the iToplight apps things have progressed nicely too during the year. Our iToplight Cloud app has been released to the app stores and we are at the final testing stage with the new iToplight Configuration app, that allows users to configure their iToplights directly with their cell phones. We have also been involved in an international project where our smart displays are used in a completely different type of product. We see this as a clear example that the iToplight ecosystem, that combines smart displays with apps and cloud connectivity, can be utilized in a number of other technical areas. On the integration side the iToplights are now integrated with Holland’s largest supplier of taximeters, Cabman, and their popular MDT.

Pointguard's iToplight Smart Roof Signs are now integrated with Cabman's MDT

Deregulated markets bring more focus to branding and unique roof sign designs
In our neighbor-country Finland, the taxi market has now been deregulated. This has made the Finnish taxi companies focus more on branding, where unique roof signs are essential. During 2018 Pointguard has helped many of these companies with new roof sign designs. We see the same development in many other countries and are ready to help out with bringing brand identity to life on the roof.

  pointguard finland


pointguard ifleetsense small 

Funding secured for the iFleetsense mobile sensor platform pilot
Another exciting news from this year is that we received funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to do a larger pilot field demonstration where a number of iFleetsense mobile sensor platforms will be deployed in Växjö to highlight different user-cases with such systems. 


New cloud-based vehicle camera system - iFleetcam
During the past year we have also introduced our new range of cloud connected vehicle security cameras: iFleetcam. Apart from superior image quality, this new line of cams brings a whole range of features like geotagging, real-time fleet tracking, remote support/maintenance, driver behavior analysis and more.

pointguard ifleetcam small 

Pointguard Christmas Gift 2019
kiva logoEvery year Pointguard makes a Christmas donation to charity to help those in need. Last year's Christmas donation to has given new opportunities to over 30 entrepreneurs in 20 different developing countries so far, and will continue to help more. Because of this success we have decided to do another donation to Kiva this year, that will empower more entrepreneurs in developing countries to help themselves and those around them out of poverty.  


Finally, we would like to warmly thank all our customers, partners and suppliers for a great year, wish everyone Happy Holidays, a nice end of 2018 and a great start of 2019!

Or as we would say in Swedish: God Jul och Gott Nytt År!


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