Sweden's most modern taxi now has an equally modern taxi roof sign

Gävle Taxi is the first Taxi company in Sweden to use the electric Tesla Model S as a taxi cab. For this hyper-modern, environmental friendly taxi cab, Pointguard has now provided an equally modern and intelligent taxi roof sign - the iToplight D-100. The roof sign is programmed to automatically show the taxi status on the LED-display and Gävle Taxi will also use Pointguard's Android app for controlling the toplight. 

Finding a suitable fixing for the openable all glass panoramic roof was a real challenge for Pointguard. However, we could adapt one of Pointguard's custom roof racks to fit nicely on the roof without hampering the functionality of the sunroof. 

We wish Gävle Taxi the best of luck with their new environmental electric sports-cab and hope that we will soon see more equally sucessful combinations of smart cabs and smart taxi roof lights on the Swedish roads in the future.

Pointguard - iToplight D-100 digital taxi roof sign on a Tesla Model S

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