Taxi butler has started rolling out in Scandinavia

We have previously featured the Taxi Butler booking device, which is a super easy way to book taxis/cabs from trusted companies. Pointguard is the official distributor of Taxi Butler in Scandinavia and we are happy to announce that a number of taxi companies already started using the butlers to get more rides, including Taxi Västerås (Swe), Taxibil Östergötland (Swe), Luleå Taxi (Swe), Alta Taxi (Nor), Hammerfest Taxi (Nor) and Taxi Kajon (Fin). More are on their way and with four popular dispatch providers (Taxisystem, Halda, Frogne and Verisoft) having finished integrating the Taxi Butler with their systems it is easier than ever to get more rides for your taxi company.

Pointguard also promotes the Taxi Butler in the UAE where Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) has now started using the system. Other key players, including TransAd in Abu Dhabi, are also implementing the system.

Contact Pointguard at or +4618512020 for more information about how to get your Butlers!Pointguard is the official retailer of Taxi Butler in Scandinavia

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