Taxi Butler is now available for most Swedish taxi companies

The popular taxi booking device - Taxi Butler - Book a taxi with one click is now integrated with four of the most common taxi software suppliers in Scandinavia: Frogne, Halda, Taxisystem and Taxibokning. This means that most Swedish taxi companies now can get more rides by using the clever device. 

Taxi Butler is available in more than 34 countries worldwide and is so popular because it provides the quickest and most hassle-free taxi booking for venues that frequently book taxis. Typical ideal locations are hotels, restaurants and bars, but also private company front desks. By placing a Butler connected to your taxi company you make sure that customers travel with you instead of your competitors. Statistics from Holland clearly shows that taxi companies that use Taxi Butlers increase their number of bookings.  

The pricing model is competitive and simple - you only pay a low, fixed monthly fee which includes everything. No booking fees, data fees or other hidden fees- it can't be simpler!

Now both the Butler itself and the administration web portal are available in Swedish too!

Contact Pointguard at or +46 18 512020 for more information on how to order your Butlers!
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