Taxi cameras prevent robbery

New statistics from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention show that the occurrence of assault and armed robbery on Taxi drivers in Sweden was 40% less frequent in 2014 compared to 2013. The occurrence of assault and robbery is now down at an all time low since the deregulation of the Swedish taxi market in 1990. Increased use of security cameras in Taxi vehicles is an important contributing factor for this according to Claudio Skubla, Head of Communication at the Swedish Taxi Federation.

According to the new statistics, Skåne county is an exception. There violent crimes against taxi drivers increased with 230% 2012-2013 and with 40% between 2013 and 2014.

"It has been shown many times that the use of security cameras prevents violent crimes against taxi drivers. The fact that many of the large taxi companies in Skåne don't have security cameras in their vehicles is probably one of the reasons for the large regional differences that we see in the recent statistics." Pointguard's CEO, Jesper Flygt says in a comment. Taxi drivers in Malmö that Radio Sweden has interviewed are on the same track and request security cameras in all taxi vehicles (link).

pointguard ts2 kamera

Pointguard's security camera TS2 has been frequently installed in the taxis of Stockholm and Gothenburg where armed robbery has decreased

Sources: Svenska taxiförbundetBrottsförebyggande rådet

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