How do we separate taxis from ordinary cars in the busy street life? What distinguishes a taxi? We dare to say that the taxi roof sign is the most recognizable feature for a taxi. The Taxi roof sign does not only separate a taxi from other vehicles, it is also a perfect place to display your company logo which helps the customer recognize your company among others. After more than 25 years in the business we know that the taxi roof sign is one of the most important tools to establish a strong competitive brand.

Roof signs for taxis is Pointguards major product line. You can choose between a wide range of standard models, colors and accessories or we can custom design a model exclusively for you. Our signs are powered with the latest technology (LED) and we have a wide selection of flexible fixings and roof racks. The unique “Click and Go” function and the possibility of getting a wireless sign “Limolight” are examples of other innovating features we can offer our customers.


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