Smartlight is a unique multi-function unit developed by Pointguard that can be programmed to perform different functions depending on the user's needs. The programming is easily done by an authorized work shop using the included switch. As a default the system is configured to control Pointguard's school sign. The Smartlight system contains a controller unit (with reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection) and a small and elegant mebrane switch with integrated LEDs that fits on most dashboards. The switch is mounted without need for holes or other permanent damage to the dashboard.

Possible features and functions:
-Control roof mounted school sign 
   (Smartlight School sign) 
-Control metallic school sign mounted in front and back
   (Smartlight Foldable Metallic School sign)
-Control Side lights (Pointlight) 
   (Smartlight Pointlight)
-Control extra remote light 
   (Smartlight Remote light)
-Control an intelligent Taxi sign 
   (Smartlight Intelligent Taxi sign)
-Control a relay 
   (Smartlight Relay)


Technical information:

Reverse polarity protection

Electronic short circuit protection

Size (electronics): 54 x 35 x 22 mm

Size (membrane switch): 37 x 25 x 190 mm + 200 mm (extension) flex-cable


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