Advertising Signs

Pointguard can offer you three different models of top advertising signs for exposing illuminated commercial messages on the car roof. Model 498 is our most popular model and has been used for more than 15 years by many taxi companies throughout Scandinavia. Model 498 and Model 284 are advertising signs based on a system with dual hoods produced in acrylic plastic. The advantages of this system are that you can print the messages on normal paper which will reduce the printing cost and it makes the changing of advertising message fast and effortless. The message is placed between the two hoods where it is well protected from wind and rain.

Model 9000 (NTR) is based on a white aluminum profile were you attach the advertising messages on a 3 mm acrylic board which you slide into the aluminum profile by opening the back end of the sign. To minimize power consumption and maximize light output the signs are all illuminated by 54 pieces of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). As an option to model 498 we can offer custom made front ends that are adapted to suit our range of different Taxi toplights. With these ends the advertising/ taxi top sign package will be more integrated and therefore more elegant on the roof.  The signs can easily be fixed on to the car by using some of Pointguards range of flexible roof racks or magnetic fixings (see product information”fixings”).

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