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With focus on your security…

Mobile camera surveillance has today become a standard component to guarantee a safe working environment for the driver. Different studies from companies that have installed security systems show that the cameras have had a strong preventive effect on the occurrence of violence and abuse towards the drivers. Since 2001 Pointguard has been a key player and leading distributor of mobile video surveillance systems for the taxi industry in Scandinavia.


The 3rd generation of camera surveillance for Taxi: Taxisnap TS2

Our camera system, Taxisnap TS2, is a user friendly, super compact system especially devel­oped for professional users that demand quality, reliability and ease of installation. The TS2 is manufactured using only the highest quality digital components and is entirely solid state. The number of pictures that are being recorded can be configured to suit the needs of the individual. Recording can be activated through the door contacts or directly with the alarm function. The system is designed with data protection in mind. It is not for example possible to connect to the system and view the pictures unless they have the PC software which is password protected, and protected against installation on unauthorised PCs. Only authorised personal can connect to the system and download data via the USB cable. Software with reduced functionality is provided for installation companies who may install and test the system but not view or transfer stored Images. An internal serial processor is privided to allow connection to Taxi Management Systems or dedicated GPS/GPRS/UMTS systems to support tracking systems and image transfer functions.


Technical data - TS2

Size: L x 76mm, W x 45mm, H x 34mm

System: Colour VGA with I/R sensitivity

Resolution: 307,200 pixels B/W

LED´s: 2x LEDs (green and red for status check)

Camera LED´s: 6 x LEDs (Infrared)

Power: 30 mA - active, 1uA - standby

Voltage: 6-24

Memory: 2 GB - Expandable upon request

Pictures: More than 32.000

Trigger:  Door or Driver Alarm.

PC Software: Windows XP or later

PC Connectivity: USB cable

Certification: CE and e1

Optional features: Integration with TMS


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