Camera Surveillance

Security for both driver and passenger

Mobile camera surveillance has today become a standard component to guarantee a safe working environment for taxi drivers. Different studies from companies that have installed security systems show that the cameras have had a strong preventive effect on the occurrence of violence and abuse towards the drivers. At the same time security cameras make passengers feel safe, also when taking a cab at late hours.

Since 2001 Pointguard has been a key player and leading distributor of mobile video surveillance systems for the taxi industry in Scandinavia. With the new iFleetcam product-line Pointguard keeps this position and moves it forward. The new iFleet 4000 camera system is ideal for taxis and can provide security in the car also during nights thanks to the iFleetcam 600 camera head with IR-leds. At the same time the iFleet 4000 also supports a dashcam for easy handling of incidents and disputed claims plus a rear-view camera with external monitor that can double as a rear-view mirror.

iFleetcam Cloud based vehicle security cameras
The iFleetcam is a mobile vehicle camera system with support for up to eight cameras. The system is based on a very well-tested hardware with a long track-record and the units are connected to the cloud via 3G/4G which brings a lot of new functionality and benefits. Some of the new features are  automated backup, remote access to footage, vehicle tracking, driver behavior analysis, remote monitoring/checkups, remote configuration and more. In other words: everything you can ask for from a modern taxi camera system. The standard taxi version supports up to four cameras so you can have both inward facing security cameras and dash-cameras at the same time.

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Technical data - iFleetcam 4000

Connection Type: 3G (dual band)
Bands: 2100MHz, 900MHz
Resolution: 1080P Full HD
Supported nr of cameras: 4
Built in camera: No
Storage: SDHC/SDXC (max 32 Gb)
Support for sound: Yes
Panic button: Yes, external
Nr of external triggers: 3
Nr of external outputs: 2
Serial ports: 1
G-sensor: 3-axis, 100Hz
Gyro: 3-axis, 100Hz
Support for external monitor: Yes
Wifi/bluetooth: USB-dongle (optional)
Power: DC 12V/24V
Operating temperature: -10°C - 55°C
Storage temperature: -20°C - 70°C
Physical size: 90x120x28 mm
Weight: 166.5 g

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