Download latest version of Taxisnap Software for TS2 and RR1000 (Update)

Download ZIP-file Taxinsnap version 1.32 (Upgrade) - For Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7
For a new installation from scratch, please call Pointguard at +4618512020 


Download ZIP-file TS2 Firmware v 4.51 (zip)

RR 1000

Serial nr: Download ZIP-file 31-33XXXXXX Serial nr: Download ZIP-file 34XXXXXX Serial nr: Download ZIP-file 36XXXXXX

Save the file into the Taxisnap folder. Next time you open the Taxisnap software the file will turn up automatically in the update window. Please note that there are different firmware version for different serial numbers.

Download manuals and documents for TS2

Comming soon!

Download manuals and documents for RR1000

Download PDFInstallation and Operating Manual

Download PDF PC software

Download Word-file Utläsning av bilder med Taxisnap Software (sv)

Download Word-file Installationsprotokoll (sv)

Download Word-file Viktig information om Skyddskamerorna (sv)

Download PDF Monteringsanvisning (sv)



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