Digital Taxi Roof Signs - iToplights

Pointguard's digital taxi roof signs / digital taxi toplights are new innovative and attractive products that take traditional taxi roof signage to the next level. Compared to traditional taxi roof signs with static messages, the iToplights can deliver targeted messages, adapted to the context and audience. This can be used for displaying the status of the car (On Call, Off Duty, Hired, etc) or for showing the current tariff. Advertising messages or other important information that you want to communicate to your customers are also possible to display with a digital roof sign.

Pointguard currently offer four different iToplight-models: D-100, D-200, D-500 and D-600.

Aerodynamic and modern designs (custom designs can be developed for new clients)
- Integrated 3 color LED Display in front and green and/or red status LED:s in the back.
- Multiple fixed messages (for example: Hired, For Hire, Off Duty etc.) can be displayed and automatically trigged by the taximeter, from dispatch or from your smartphone/tablet. 
- Optional ”online” feature with the possibility to send live messages from dispatch to the roof sign, like e.g.:
 * Advertising messages  
 * Booking number or name
 * Price information
 * Traffic information
 * Time and temperature
 * Information in different languages

- Multiple text modes: scrolling left to right, right to left, up and down etc.
- Automatic brightness adjustment for daytime and nighttime.
- Unique magnetic fixing for safe and easy installation.

Pointguard also has a great selection of traditional taxi roof signs, read more about them here.


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