iToplight D-500 The Intelligent Digital Taxi Roof Sign of Tomorrow



The iToplight D-500 is a new, unique intelligent electronic taxi roof light from Pointguard. Compared to traditional taxi roof signs with static messages, the iToplight D-500 offers the possibility of delivering targeted messages adapted to the context and audience. The iToplight D-500 includes a bright three color LED display (green, yellow and red) facing forward, a row of green/red status LEDs (visible to the sides/rear) and an illuminated Taxi zone facing backwards. Together with a modern and aerodynamic design this is a truly eye-catching concept that secures a high visibility and a professional impression. The iToplight D-500 is simply a very innovative and attractive product from Pointguard that takes traditional taxi roof signage to the next level.

Pointguard's iToplight D-500 Features


The integrated LED-board of the iToplight D-500 can show up to six different status messages like On Call, Off Duty, Hired, etc. These messages are shown alternatively in English and Arabic and can be automatically triggered by the in-car computer, taximeter or using any mobile device with Android 4.1. Custom messages can also be sent from dispatch to one, or more cars. Two LED-based status indicators also show the status of the car to the sides and to the rear, using green and red colors. An illuminated TAXI-zone increases the visibility from behind. The brightness of the LED display, the status LEDs and the TAXI-zone are all automatically adjusted using a light sensor for optimum visibility during day and nighttime.

Pointguard's iToplight D-500 Features

LED drive parameters have been chosen to maximize LED life. The iToplight D-500 has multiple text modes: prepared for scrolling left to right, right to left, up and down, flashing, etc. The whole iToplight D-500 has been designed with extreme climate in mind and can withstand cold, heat, moist and dust. Installation time has been reduced to a minimum by using a single connection to the car and by using a specially designed high adhesion magnet fixing. The iToplight's firmware is flexible and easy to update to ensure that the iToplight D-500 will suit all current and future needs.


The iToplight D-500 supports multiple serial and I/0 inputs which can be tailored according to customers specification. It also has a optional USB interface. It comes with a flexible software protocol which also can be tailored to fit the existing protocol of the on board computer. With back up of the I/0 inputs from the taxi meter or push buttons the iToplight can maintain basic operating functions even with lost data base link.


The physical size of the D-500 is optimized to be large enough to provide excellent readability, but at the same time small and aerodynamic enough to give a minimum addition to the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Pointguard's iToplight D-500 Dimensions


The iToplight D-500 comes fully prepared for integration with an
advertising sign (D-600) with the following features:
• Dual, easy exchangeable advertisements (backlit)
• Optional status indicator LEDs on top
• Backlit area for Logo in front
• Backlit area for Taxi Number in the back
• Prepared for digital advertising
Everything controlled using the intelligent iToplight D-500.

Pointguard's iToplight D-500 can easily be upgraded with an advertising unit

Pointguard's iToplight D-500 can be controlled by a smartphone app

For super easy installation, the D-500 comes pre-configured and is fully controllable from your smartphone or tablet. Just connect it to power and you are good to go.

The app connects to your iToplight wirelessly via Bluetooth and can both show the status of the toplight as well as control it.

From within the app it is also possible to send a booking nr or name to the iToplight display.


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