Digital Welcome Sign

Get rid of sticky white boards, hand-written slips or even paper napkins when picking up your customers. The new digital welcome sign ensures high visibility and provides a professional and nice impression.

The digital welcome sign, which is a complete new product from Pointguard, comes with an integrated LED display (yellow) and a custom made design according to the company's profile. Programming and configuration of the sign is easily done either by using the special made Android app, that sends the messages to the welcome sign through Bluetooth, or you program the unit manually through buttons on the back side of the plate. The display has room for 12 fixed characters and up to 250 characters when scrolling the message. Messages will automatically be centered on the screen and if longer than 12 characters the messages will automatically scroll. The welcome sign has 6 memory slots which can all be programmed individually. The welcome sign uses a rechargeable battery for mobile use that and you simply charged via the car's 12V socket.

In addition to welcome sign this product can also be used for many other purposes. Why not use it as a billboard at hotels, restaurants etc where you present the company's telephone number or other important messages that you want to communicate to your customers. In this case the sign comes with an AC / DC adapter and bracket for permanent installation.

The exchangeable front sheet can be cut out in any possible shape and can then be covered with any four color print. This means that you can fully brand the Welcome Sign to your likings and the design is only limited by your imagination.

Next time you pick someone up at the airport - make them feel special!


For ultra quick input of messages, the Welcome Display can be connected to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth (IOS soon available). The App has an intuitive, clean interface that is very easy to understand and entered messages are sent to the screen wirelessly in a second. Standard messages can be saved in the app for quick and easy transfer to the screen at your convenience.

Pointguard's Welcome Screen can be app controlled


LED: SMD Yellow
Resolutions: 7x71
Physical size (box, W/H/D): 31.5x3.5x0.5 cm
Display screen size (W/H): 30.6x2.3 cm
Characters / line: 12 characters
Menu languages: Eng/Ger/Swe/Nor/Dan/Fin/Ger
Input: Manual through buttons or via Android App
Supply Voltage: 8-12 VDC
Operating Temperature: -10°C - + 49°C 
Humidity Range: 0% - 95% non-condensing
Battery: NiMh rechargeable via USB
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