Magnetic Fixing

The magnetic fixing has become the most popular fixing for our signs and a big sale success in the Nordic countries. If you strive for a quiet working environment, a nice general impression, less fuel consumption and flexibility, our magnetic fixing is the ideal fixing for your taxi roof sign. The construction with 12 thin magnets placed into a soft base of rubber creates an exceptional strength to the surface and gives the sign a solid and stable fixing. Although the magnetic fixing has a very impressive strength it is very easy to remove, just lift the end of the base and the magnetic fixing will easily be removed from the surface. The magnetic fixing is designed to fit all our different models of Toplights and we also offer the magnetic fixing to our advertising signs.


Technical information:

Height: 9 mm

Depth:185 m

Length: 530 mm

Material: Rubber - Dryflex Termoelaster

Resistance against degreasing solutions

100 % recyclible

Colour: Black - available in other colours

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