Roof Racks

In the late 80's Pointguard started to develop custom made roof racks for the taxi market. Our taxi customers requested a roof rack with a more aerodynamic and better looking design for their signs. The traditional roof racks on the market do not always take in consideration design and functionality made for the taxi roof sign. Today Pointguard can offer you roof racks in both stain less steel and aluminum. There are flexible fixings available for both the school sign as well as other potential product that you might want to combine with the taxi sign, for example flags etc. Our roof racks are made in highest quality material and are easily installed. Our stainless steel roof rack is thanks to its flexible construction easy to adjust to fit different types of vehicles while our aluminum roof rack comes in different lengths made for the most common car models.   


Technical information:

Height: 15 mm 

Depth: 60 mm / 70 mm Alu

Length: Depends on car model

Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium

Colour: Black (Roof rack Alu)

Extras: Fixing for School sign - Flag

Adapted for: Toplight models (not S-models) - Streamer - Advertising signs (Alu)

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