Toplights (taxi top lights or roof signs) is Pointguards major product line for the taxi market. All Toplights are powered with the latest technology (LED) and you can chose between many different models, colors and accessories. The sign can easily be assembled by using Pointgaurds magnetic fixing, side fixing or roof rack system, all depending on your needs and car model (see roof rack and fixing for more info).

The unique "Click and Go" function makes it very easy to remove and attach the sign from the car roof and if you are interested in a wireless roof sign without cables you should read more about our “Limolight” feature. The different Toplight models are categorized as Toplights Standard – Toplights with separately illuminated areas – Toplight S models and Customized Toplights associated with exclusive rights. We hope you can find a model that you like and if not, please contact us and we will help you custom design a model exclusively for you!

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