Model TK

This well known Toplight is a custom made model for Taxi Kurir (Sweden) and its partners. Except for Taxi Kurir, Taxi Skåne (Sweden) Norway Taxi (Norway) and Dan Taxi (Denmark) are using this Toplight model for highlighting the company brand. Passengers traveling in Scandinavia can easily recognize and identify their taxi company by looking at this characteristic and well establish roof sign. The model is associated with exclusive rights and design protection. In Taxi Skånes case the model is equipped with separately illuminated areas on the sides and in the top of the Toplight (see pictures below) and are produced in yellow color.  


Technical information:

Height: 175 mm  

Width: 450 mm

Depth: 100 mm

Material housing: PC/ABS

Material base plate: ABS

Fixing: Magnetic fixing, Roof rack or Side mounted fixing

Illumination: LED - 18 pieces warm white SMD LEDs

Power consumption: 240 mA

Available colors: White (Yellow Taxi Skåne)

Working voltage: 12 V

Features: Click and Go

Options: Limolight, Pointlight

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